1st Gen Pokemon Video games

Red, blue and yellow will be the best editions. In the end, even the initial 151 monsters are accurate Pokémon, everything afterwards is merely unimaginative and uninteresting. The designers are finally nothing even more.

Everything else is certainly rubbish. But why is that?

3 years after their amazing debut in Japan. Today pokemon feuerrot rom hack is considered the most successful mass media brand in the world – before Star Wars, the series is usually loved, hated, but still immortal. You just can not get them dead.

Many have already been brought closer to video gaming. No wonder, in the end, the series continues to be insanely beginner-friendly, no matter which generation you are in. Talk with the professor, select your starter, collect eight arena orders, become a Pokémon master, prepare yourself. those that board late experience the same thing as all of the veterans.

But the basis for all your success remains crimson and blue, their social element, the natural desire of the collecting drive and, to this day, timeless design, they are still considered the best. Although the series has become de facto often better, many old complications solved and tried fresh things, boring and actually everything is even worse.

An important feature remains: The editions with which one started at that time, always remain in memory for the longest. Who started with red and blue, will connect with these very much. For each individual, the fundamental beginning was the beginning of something extremely big: His own romantic relationship with Pokémon.

Only know the 1st 151 monsters and did not want to deal with the series from then on – but then you truly need to trump around almost everywhere that everything was rubbish afterwards? Just because you might have outgrown and matured yourself? You don’t need to spoil everyone else’s fun?

The word “everything was better in the old days” does not result from somewhere. It is the expression of a natural urge of man to feel his past better than it certainly was.

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